It’s not just about a paycheck: Exploring the 4 important aspects of a software engineering job

With demand for software engineers reaching record heights along with the crazy amount of competition in hiring for top talent, compensation for software engineers has gone through the roof.

On top of a cushy salary and benefits, at some companies, there’s also the unlimited free food, massages, laundry, and nice gyms that make it difficult to say no if you get an offer.

Dropbox’s cafeteria in the San Fransisco HQ

Not to say that compensation isn’t important, but as someone who has done four internships and recently graduated college, I have found other aspects of a job to be equally if not more important than perks or money alone.

This series aims to explore four different and important aspects of working as a software engineer that has had an immense impact on my personal day to day happiness.

I will note that I am extremely privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity to intern at four very different companies ranging from small startups where engineering was less than 50 people to a large company where there are easily more than 5000 teams. That being said, I hope these articles serves as a guide to help yourself understand what you find to be the most important in your job search.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Up first: A word on impact.

CS @ UW • SDE @ Amazon •

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